Wednesday, April 30, 2014

14 weeks

Taken today! 

How Far Along: 14 weeks 4 days

Weight gain/loss: Staying the same! 179 at both my 10 week and 14 week appointments! 

Feeling: Pretty good, not super motivate to do much though, we've had sandwiches quite a bit recently :-/

Maternity clothes: Same

Sleep: Good, I don't wake up much, usually just once to pee. 

Cravings: Cheeseburgers!

Movement: Yup! Definite thumps and flutters, not consistent yet which I don't expect at this point. 

Best Moment this week: My doctors appt was Monday, he said everything look great and let me schedule the A/S for June 9th! First thing on a Monday, I love not having to wait all week! :) 

10 days until our elective scan and I've decided to make Mother's Day cards with scratch off spots to reveal the sex to my parents! They're so cute and I can't wait to know which cards (the BOY or GIRL) I'll get to print off! I hope they turn out! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

13 weeks

Taken just now! 

How Far Along:
 13 weeks 3 days 

Weight gain/loss: Up a total of 3.5lbs from pre-pregnancy

Feeling: Good, no issues, some nausea here and there but nothing that really effects me. 

Maternity Clothes: I'm in all maternity pants now, I've worn a couple mat shirts, but mostly because they're cute and long to wear with leggings

Sleep: I've been sleeping well but I get so tired, I took two naps yesterday after sleeping 10 hours the night before. 

Cravings: Not really much of anything.

Movement: I've felt a couple little flutters, I can hear the baby thump the doppler, which is adorable.

Best Moment this week: Well it was my birthday last week and then the end of tax season!! DH and I were able to get out of town for the evening last Friday, we went down to our old college town, which is one of our favorite places. We went to my favorite restaurant down there and took a nice stroll through central campus. It was a wonderful night!

Also, I scheduled our early u/s at 16 weeks on May 10th!! Only 19 days away, I can't wait to see what this little one is!! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

11 weeks

How Far Along: 11 weeks 2 days 

Weight gain/loss: Up about a pound, 178-179 at doctors a weeks ago. 

Feeling: Not too shabby, just tired mostly, these kids have been wearing me out. 

Maternity Clothes: Still just maternity leggings.

Sleep: Still fairly good, we go to bed around 11 and I don't wake up until 4 or so to go to the bathroom. 

Cravings: Not really much of anything.

Movement: Far too early.

Best Moment this week: Not too muh excitement here, DH has been working later the past couple weeks for tax season. My birthday is on Sunday (the 13th!) and the tax season is over the 15th, I can't wait!! 

Oh I did get my first pair of glasses on Thursday (see picture) so I guess there's that, :-P

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

9 weeks!

              Taken just now, 
   My mirror doesn't look this dirty
                 in real life...

How Far Along:
 9 weeks 4 days 

Weight gain/loss: Same at home (175) and 178 at the doctor last week with a sweatshirt on. 

Feeling: Good, not that tired and my nausea has subsided. I can eat pretty much anything now but I get full fast. 

Maternity Clothes: Still just maternity leggings.

Sleep: Much better than the past couple weeks, I fall asleep easily and stay asleep more.

Cravings: Not really much of anything.

Movement: Far too early.

Best Moment this week: Not sure, haven't had anything fun go on really and since I don't have my first real drs appointment until next week or another u/s anytime soon, it's just same old life! 

Friday, March 14, 2014

7 weeks and Follow Up U/S!

 Our FB Announcement

How Far Along: 7w 6d

Weight gain/loss: lost a couple pounds, I was 174 this morning

Feeling: I've been pretty good, the nausea has lightened some and I have pretty much no cramping (which I am definitely NOT complaining about!!) I am still fairly tired most of the time, but overall it's been an easy week

Maternity Clothes: Still just maternity leggings, I plan to start wearing more maternity clothes in a few weeks though so I washed all mine.

Sleep: It's been okay, horrible the night before my u/s of course, and I wake up several times in the night but I did that before I was pregnant anyway.

Cravings: :Loaded Potato Grillers from Taco Bell. If you haven't had one OMG, get one.

Movement: Far too early.

Best Moment this week: Seeing our little baby and heartbeat on the u/s!! I had a student with a tech again this time and the student had absolutely no idea what she was doing. So the measuring of my ovaries and uterus and all that jazz that normally takes 10 minutes tops, took over 20 minutes and I couldn't see the screen to see if there even was a baby. Finally the tech got annoyed with the student and took over to show us the baby (she says just one, but with the student sucking, I'm not 100% convinced). The baby is measuring a couple days behind my LMP DD, and about a day behind my O-day DD so pretty darn close! Had a beautiful heartbeat of 146 and looked perfect. I'm so so excited.

I also tried my doppler (well have been since Monday, to no avail) and I finally picked up a little blip yesterday morning. Tried to find it again last night and right when I turned the doppler on, there it was! I was so impressed!! I was only 7w 3-5d, so that is just crazy early to hear the heartbeat!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Week 6 Survey

Forgot to do the 5 week one last week, oh well!

How Far Along: 6 weeks today!

Weight gain/loss: Right around the same, 175.8lbs

Feeling: Meh, I feel fine overall it seems, but I am so tired All. The. Time. I get waves of slight nausea but mostly just nothing sounds good and as soon as I start eating something I could be done with it. I've been drinking Coke, I think I get most of my caloric intake from that...

Maternity Clothes: Just my maternity leggings. I'm quite bloated and my regular pants don't want to button anymore. I also wear a lot of baggie sweatshirts for fear of my gut hanging out and people wondering what the hell has happened to me.

Sleep: Pretty crappy. Despite being very tired, I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I'm constantly in a state of worry, but not crazy worry, just anxious worry.

Cravings: Not really much of anything.

Movement: Far too early.

Best Moment this week: Probably getting my 3rd beta back, 3014! This even trumped my u/s I had on Thursday, I was disappointed even though I knew exactly what to expect and we saw exactly what we should that early, I was still hoping for more.

I was 5w 5d (I really wish I'd have been patient and waited until early this next week, hindsight is 20/20) gestational sac measured 5w 4d, which is perfect based on O-day. Saw yolk sac, no fetal pole and of course no baby or heartbeat. It was a student tech that performed the u/s and a few minutes from being done her tech came in to check how it was going. They both fiddled and looked really hard to see if they could locate a pole but came up short, neither was concerned. Then when they were just about done, the student said "Is that two?" The tech looked, had her scan through again and said "Hmm, we'll check next time" and then finished up. I can't believe I didn't ask what the "two" was she was referring to, but I didn't. And I've been speculating and wondering ever since. I didn't get a picture, and only got to look at the screen for a minute or two. DH watched the whole time so I asked him what he saw...he's been less than helpful :-/ I've looked up some different twin u/s pictures that looked like what I saw on the screen (I know I saw *something* partially behind and next to the gest. sac, but then the student zoomed in and I lost view) He said he saw a few times that looked like the twin pictures I showed him. Just makes me speculate more. HMPH.

What I'm looking forward to: My next u/s on March 14th! Two weeks away, but we will definitely be able to see baby and heartbeat and definitely find out if there are twins in there! In the mean time, I'll just continue to lose my mind.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Well I guess we're here again

It's been over a year since I last posted, Samson is 3 years + 3 months and Sydney (Neeners) will be 14 months tomorrow! My husband was laid off the day before Thanksgiving but has since started a new job at only part-time temporary with the possibility of a full time position in the next couple months. Fingers crossed!

Life has been very different the past 3 months since my husband's lay-off but I can definitely say it's changed for the better. We all greatly enjoyed having him home all day every day and it's hard for Samson & Sydney to have their daddy gone, but now when he gets home from work they're so excited to play! Things are looking up and I think we've learned how to live without things which has made us stronger as a family and now get more pleasure out of the smaller things in life.

We're now just really looking forward to the warm weather, no more snow and lots of bike rides and long walks. We got a bunch of wet, now crusty snow dumped on us yesterday and it's bumming me out that it seems winter will never be over. Oooooh well.

Now to the real thing that's a change in our house.....

Baby #3! 

We found on on 2.12.14 that we would be welcoming a new little baby into our family around Oct 25th! We weren't trying and this was a fairly big shock, especially since it's not for sure DH will be getting the full time position. We wanted two more children but were going to wait until Sydney was 4, but I guess God had other plans in mind. Nonetheless we are thrilled and so excited to take this journey again. I had my beta levels drawn this week, at 17 DPO - 193 at 19 DPO - 502!! I go back on Monday for another draw and will hopefully have an u/s the following week. We're hoping and praying I'll have a complication free pregnancy and we'll have a healthy little baby this fall. I'll start another survey thing tomorrow when I'm 5 weeks!